Maritime Regional Awards Categories :

  1. Best Employer of the Year
    • The Employer of the Year Award will recognize the commitment of an organization to provide world class training, collaborative working environment, on time appraisals and promotion opportunities to their employees.
  2. Best Shipping Company
    • Award recognizes an a shipping company,, which maximizes every opportunity to innovate, contribute to meet the ever-changing demand of its customers. A company, which has high operating standards and is totally committed to safety and quality with minimal environmental impact, flexible structure, excellence in operation and a noteworthy management team whose endeavor is to facilitate their boundless innovative streams for the growth and prosperity of the company.
  3. Best Classification Society
    • The Best Classification Society Award recognizes the contribution of a classification society towards the development of the maritime sector, which can be innovative, technical, operational or commercial. This award focuses on the society’s commitment to safety, quality, social and environmental responsibility and its diligent effort and involvement in the training and development of personnel.
  4. Best New Building Yard
    • The New Building Yard Award will be bestowed upon an organization in lieu of their commitment to accomplish high productivity and establish best quality and safety standards.
  5. Best Repair Yard
    • The award recognizes the repair yard that has showed consistency in meeting the needs of its clientele in times of tight capacity and has simultaneously offered cost effective and quality services, with a keen eye to yard safety.
  6. Best Offshore Construction Yard
    • The Best Offshore Yard Award will recognize a yard, which has portrayed a strong record of accomplishment and proven its capabilities in delivering quality and innovative offshore and rig-building solutions to the oil and gas industry. Their strong point lies in their ability to deliver on time according to the customer's specifications.
  7. Best Offshore Service Provider
    • Best Offshore Service Provider award recognizes a company, which aims to consistently provide its customers quality and value, added service, which is built around highest industry operation standards, environment to assist their client requirements.