Maritime Global Awards Categories :

  1. Best Corporate Video
    • The Best Concept Video Award will be bestowed to recognize the creative minds behind the most ingenious video, which portrays a perfect picture of a company, which helped the company to enhance its competitive profile in the industry.
  2. Best Innovative Project
    • The Most Innovative project is bestowed upon an organization, which has developed a technologically innovative project, which provides an apparent and significant advance for the shipping industry. The projects that have been successfully launched within the past 3 years and has been going on
  3. Best Innovative Concept
    • The Best Innovative Concept recognizes creative concepts that can change the face of maritime industry.
  4. Best Maritime Organization
    • This award category recognizes a nonprofit organization, large or small, that has demonstrated sustained and superlative achievements and has accomplished outstanding success in over a sustained period of time, exhibited leadership in various maritime issues of importance, demonstrated integrity in its dealings, including financial management and made appropriate efforts to be inclusive in the composition of its board, staff, membership, and programs.
  5. Best Maritime Media
    • This Award is conferred upon the maritime print media, which enjoys an inimitable position in the international shipping community. It recognizes the innovative strategies and solutions, depth of insight in the maritime world, undulating reputation of the media in the maritime community for its informative editorial integrity, firm coverage and sharp analysis of the real stories behind the news headlines.
  6. Best Safety and Environment Initiative
    • This award recognizes the major contributions of the key players of this industry (an individual or an organization) who have taken audacious initiatives to craft unique and pioneering designs and ideas to make the maritime world safer with a special emphasis on the conservation of our environment.